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Ms.  Tracy  Semenza  Swygert
School Counselor/Guidance

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School Counselor/Guidance

          My name is Tracy Swygert and it is my privilege to serve Gallman Elementary students as their School Counselor.  I thoroughly enjoy my work and I love the students, staff, and School District of Newberry County community.  I completed my undergraduate coursework at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, OH, having received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations with a concentration in Spanish . I completed graduate school at the University of South Carolina, earning my Educational Specialist Degree in School Counseling. 


The mission of Gallman Elementary’s School Counseling Program is to promote the academic, personal/social, and career success of all students through collaborative efforts involving the home, school, and community as part of a comprehensive, systemic, and developmental curriculum by engaging in activities across five domains: Leadership, Advocacy, Teaming and Collaboration, Counseling and Coordination, and Assessment and Usage of Data. 


Responsibilities of the School Counselor include the following:


A. Classroom Guidance

The purpose of Classroom Guidance is for the Professional School Counselor to plan, instruct, and evaluate education-enriching lessons that are designed to increase students’ competencies in academic, career, and personal/social content areas. 


B. Individual Student Planning

The purpose of Individual Student Planning is to provide pupils with the support, skills, and knowledge necessary to set personal goals and to systematically monitor their progress towards achieving said goals.  Individual planning is preventive and takes into consideration the developmental stage of each student. 


C. Responsive Services

The purpose of Responsive Services is to assist students and/or their families with problems or issues that may arise.  In some cases, referrals must be made to agencies and organizations who are better equipped to serve them.


D. System Support

The purpose of System Support is to work with school personnel, community organizations, special committees, and teams to coordinate and enhance the comprehensive school counseling program.  This helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery to students and their families.