School Dress Code


Dress Code

Students are required to dress in a manner not to disrupt instruction or the educational process and/or place themselves at risk as related to health and safety regulations.   We want to assist our students in developing pride in their appearance.    Failure to follow the dress code may result in a referral to administration.  


  • No bare midriffs, halter tops, tank tops, racer back, spaghetti or "T" straps see-through shirts or blouses. Sleeveless blouses should be at least three (3) inches across the shoulders.
  • No skin should be showing between a student's shirt and his/her shorts, pants, or skirt. This includes when students are sitting, standing or walking.
  • Pants worn below the waist or any other comparable disruptive trend will not be tolerated. (NO SAGGING PANTS!) Tie clips or belts will be given to students. If sagging pants becomes a habit for a student, parents will be contacted for a conference and disciplinary action may be taken.
  • Shorts and skirts are to cover the thigh and should be no higher than three (3) inches from the top of the knee. Please consider the length of these items when sitting and walking.
  • Shorts and skirts must still meet the 3" from the top of the knee requirement even if leggings or tights are worn under them.
  • Leggings or jeggings must have a top that covers your child's rear end and ending no shorter than mid-thigh area.
  • Undergarments should not be visible at any time.
  • Flip flops, bedroom slippers, or Chinese slippers are not to be worn at school.
  • Pajama tops or bottoms are not allowed to be worn at school.
  • High heels higher than an inch present a safety issue for our female students and should not be worn at school.
  • Headwear (hats, bandanas,) will not be worn in the building between the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. The purpose of this policy is to promote courtesy and respect and to increase safety on our school campus.
  • The administration reserves the right to require a student to change clothes if what he or she is wearing is deemed to be inappropriate for school.

Dress Code Violations:

  • 1st offense - parents called. Request for proper clothing to be brought to the school. School will provide alternate clothing if available.
  • 2nd offense - Parent conference - must be held within in 3 days. Possible referral to school Case Manager.